£15 gifts

£15 gifts

There was a lot of pressure on this week, with it being the first envelope we both wanted to impress…

So to the gifts, I had a bit of nightmare with one of the two items not being delivered! So on Friday lunchtime I made a plan and headed into town. My plan soon changed when I discovered the Travelling Man shop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The sign stated stocking Anime and I know John does enjoy it. But what I didn’t know is there was so many types…

I felt like Penny from Big Bang Theory when I entered what is essentially a comic book store. After browsing the shelves for a while I plucked up the courage to ask for help I was unlucky enough to have gone in the day the Anime expert was off. I chose a book that looked like something John would watch/read and figured the story and my bravery at even entering would give me brownie points – I was right (on this if not the actual gift!).

With any luck the original gift will arrive tomorrow and I’ll revert back to the original plan… I’m hoping so as the gift would be perfect right now after John has spent the day fitting a bedroom carpet… I’ll not ruin the suprise just yet!

And what of John’s gift to me? Well, you’re reading it! Having suggested I use our wedding blog to start with and make sure I keep it up (and been met with a less than enthusiastic response) I now have my own blog, and a pair of earrings to make up the difference.

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