3 Ways to spice up stay-at-home dates

3 Ways to spice up stay-at-home dates

According to statistics, many couples feel pressured to spend excessive amounts of money on regular date nights, and whilst this may be feasible for many, it can cause a handful of partnerships to suffer under the strain of an ever-tightening budget. Luckily, there are dozens of different ways to connect with your significant other without renting out a permanent table at the cities swankiest dining hotspot. Read on as we go over three stay-at-home dating activities that can spice up your relationship without having to step foot outside…

Movie Nights

Heading to the cinema with your partner can be an exciting excursion, however it is hard to deny how much the prices’ have sky rocketed over the past decade. In fact, the snacks tend to be more expensive that the movie ticket in many establishments! Luckily, streaming platforms obtain the latest films much faster than they used to which means that it is possible to recreate the cinema experience at home. Plus, you can even narrate the film yourselves without worrying about judging glares from strangers. 

Our Movie Night Edition contains 52 film suggestions that cuts out the squabbling and encourages partners to broaden their cinematic preferences from the comfort of their own home.

Dinner for Two

Who said that wining and dining as a couple has to involve the great outdoors? After all, a homecooked meal is a much more intimate way to show your partner just how much they really mean to you without having to splash out on rabbit-sized portions at fancy restaurants. In fact, a bottle of champagne, flickering candles and some soft music playing in the background can create a comfortable yet romantic environment that restaurants could only dream of emulating!

Question Time

If fancy candle-lit dinners and movies are not your thing, then a simple conversation over a few DIY cocktails may be the date-night activity you’ve been looking for. After all, we often let career ambitions, childcare responsibilities and daily chores get in the way of getting to know our significant other on a deeper level.  As the saying goes: a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts so crack open a bottle of bubbly and start asking!
Download our couples quiz for some inspiration – remember it’s just a little fun…

Although gift giving is usually reserved for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, we know how important it is for couples to spend time with one another so there is a never bad time to give someone the gift of dates!

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