5 Romantic ways to celebrate a birthday

5 Romantic ways to celebrate a birthday

If you’re anything like me when a loved ones birthday is coming up you’ll be wracking your brains to come up with a way to surprise and delight them. A party isn’t always the answer – I love a surprise party, but I know it’s not everyone’s up of tea.

So, if you are planning the birthday of a loved one who isn’t a party animal, here are 5 thoughtful ways to celebrate together.

Bake a birthday cake together

If your other half has a sweet tooth, why not bake a birthday cake together from scratch? Teaming up and getting creative is an excellent way to bond with one another, and what’s more you’ll have a delicious reward waiting for you once you’ve finished! If you’d prefer to take the strain off and let them relax on their birthday, you could even ride solo and bake the cake by yourself.

Go to the beach

Granted, this one’s weather-dependant, but if you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach and the elements are on your side then a trip to the seaside is a real no-brainer. Throw some snacks, refreshments and perhaps one or two celebratory beverages into a bag along with your swimming gear and spend the day paddling in the sea before drying off and watching the sun set. Utter bliss…

Plan a romantic weekend away

Provided your loved one’s birthday falls on a weekend, treat them to a relaxing and romantic trip out of town. The UK has a range of romantic retreats to suit all tastes, so whether you’re the type of couple who prefers the quiet, scenic countryside, or you’d feel more at home in a plush pad in a posh part of London, why not whisk them away to somewhere special and make it a birthday to remember?

Go to a live show

A great way to celebrate your other half’s birthday is taking them to a live show. Whether it’s a band they’ve always dreamed of seeing, or a comedian who has them in stitches each and every time, a live show will provide a truly memorable birthday that they’ll look back on fondly forever. It might not be possible to go straight away but we all know birthdays are best if they last all year!

Picnic in the park

Few things are as romantic as sprawling out under a tree enjoying a picnic with the one you love, so pack up some delicious treats along with a bottle of wine and head to the local park for the afternoon. Not only will you get to enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful setting, but it’ll also provide a valuable boost to your head space as it’s been proven that exposure to nature for prolonged periods of time can be relaxing, release endorphins, and improve our state of mind.

If your partner has a birthday coming up, why not treat them to a meaningful gift they’ll love? We stock a range of thoughtful birthday gifts, that can keep the celebrations and fun going all year.

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