6 special ways to propose to your partner

6 special ways to propose to your partner

Asking someone for their hand in marriage is sure to be one of the biggest moments of you and your partner’s lives. It’s a memory that’ll stay with you both forever, which is why it’s important to make this incredibly intimate occasion as unique as possible.

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a candlelit meal at a fancy restaurant before popping the question, why not try to make it as memorable as you can? Besides, making more of an effort means they’re more likely to say yes!

If you’re in need of some inspiration for making a special proposal to your other half, here are some great ideas that are guaranteed to blow their mind.


After you’ve wined and dined your other half, head for a photobooth for a few snaps. Just before the shutter is about to go, take out the ring and ask them the big question. Not only is this a unique and memorable way of proposing, but afterwards you’ll have some authentic pics of the special moment to keep forever.


Sticking with the photographic theme, if your other half isn’t shy behind the camera then you could opt for a full photoshoot instead. Trick them into believing that you want some professional photos of you both, and before your pre-arranged shot, hit them with the biggest surprise ever. This one has the potential to score highly on the cheese-o-meter so perhaps it isn’t for everyone, but a lovely idea nonetheless.

Involve a furry friend

Not all proposals have to be spectacular. If your wife/husband to be has a humorous side and would prefer less of a fuss, you could get a pet to ask the question for you. Attach a message to your dog or cat (assuming you have one that is) and let them do all the hard work!

Whisk them away

The UK has a number of stunning locations to take your partner for a relaxing weekend before you ask them to tie the knot. Alternatively, if you’re both feeling a little more adventurous then why not book an overseas trip to one of Europe’s romantic destinations instead? I hear Venice and Paris are quite nice – wink wink!

Back to where it all began

If your significant other is a sentimental soul, you can’t go wrong by taking them back to the place you first met to pop the big question. This will show them that you’ve put a great deal of thought into the moment and why they should spend the rest of their life with you.

Jazz it up

If you’re struggling to get on board with any of our ideas and would prefer something a little more traditional, just remember to try and make it as special as possible. If you’re planning a meal at a restaurant, make it one with a stunning panoramic view. Thinking of cooking at home instead? That’s fine –  just make sure to pay attention to the finer details by cooking their favourite meal and setting a romantic scene. At the end of the day, it’s you that they’ve fallen in love with so as long as you try to go that extra yard, you’re bound to get the response you’re hoping for.

A proposal is a memory that neither of you will ever forget which is why many people try to pull out all stops for their other half. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for that special lady/guy in your life or have friends who’ve just announced their engagement, we stock an amazing selection of personalised engagement and wedding gifts that make the ideal present for either occasion.

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