A few weeks…

So it’s been a while…
I’d like to think it was just a blip though and NOT John being proved right that I wouldn’t keep the blog going.
Truth be told although we have opened envelopes we’ve not actually had a date for some weeks… There is many reasons for this from work schedules to illness mainly caused by the subject of my last post, Dot! Due to 16 weeks of morning sickness (in the evenings) I’ve not been the best company or date recently! I’ve mainly been coming home from work, eating, sitting very still to avoid the inevitable and then going to bed!
So it’s time to recap on what is outstanding and then hopefully I’ll be able to provide some date info soon!
We still haven’t been to La Salsa or had a walk and coffee – both will hopefully be achieved this week!
And we still need to have a spa night at home AND rearrange the party…
Since then I’ve picked:
One of mine, Find a local fair and eat candy floss, if there isn’t one on then go to Blackpool.
Go for dinner at a restaurant of John’s choice 
Rearrange the photos (and maybe make space for new ones?!) 
We also had a week off when we went on holiday to Devon, even then we didn’t manage to have a walk and a coffee, we just did a jigsaw in our glamping tent!
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