An announcement

So on top of counting dates in weeks, we’re also counting them for another exciting reason…We’d like to introduce you to Dot.img142 Dot is due to make our family 3 at the end of September.Since almost the beginning of this blog we’ve known this news and the dates have been very friendly to my cause! For example, booking a weekend away – perfect timing for some fresh sea air and a get away just the two of us, I fell asleep at 7pm! Chill out and read a book, this was the week we found out, so we read parenting websites, found about maternity pay and I found a new attachment to sesame seeds when I read that Dot was the size of one… When I got a seeded roll with my lunch the following week I couldn’t bear to throw the on away that ended up on my desk…Only in Week 10 was I given permission to save my choice for later (much later) when the much anticipated Go out drinking in Manchester was picked…Cooking a candlelit tea was a struggle but I did it, most of my evenings are spent lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself at the moment, which is why the jigsaw was such fun (and why we have a load more purchased off Gumtree!).it’s also one of the many reasons I’ve not been on here for ages…So, now you know our little secret we can see how many dates are appropriate for a pregnant lady, and how many drunken nights out I rack up for Nov/Dec time!PS I totally didn’t play Xbox either, all the Kinect games involved running, jumping and other nausea inducing activities!
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