Love in lockdown – Gemma & Matt

Love in lockdown - Gemma & Matt

‘It’s been a brilliant adventure, we can’t wait to see what comes next.” You know we love seeing you on dates, we also love finding out about how the dating adventure came about. So we were delighted when Gemma and Matt agreed to share how their A Year of Dates box has helped their new […]

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

The return to ‘normal’ is bound to have an effect on us all, whether we can’t wait to get out and meet friends, or if we’re a bit more nervous we need to remember that everyone reacts differently. This Mental Health Awareness week is a timely reminder to be kind, and to take things at […]

Valentines Day – lets celebrate romance

Valentines Day - lets celebrate romance

Getting fed up of National ‘days’? Was Pirate Day the last straw? Many of these national and international days are invented for commercial reasons and others just encourage us to eat doughnuts/pizza or use our left hands! We are lucky that there is a day that is tailor made for our thoughtful gift that’s been […]

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