Colour Friday – small business gift inspiration

Colour Friday - small business gift inspiration

This year we’re supporting Colour Friday on 25th November – bringing colour from small UK businesses to highlight their creativity and give you more gift buying options.

Don’t get me wrong we’ll be on those well known websites checking for bargains in the month long Black Friday sales for those gifts that have been requested on the official list… But for small businesses it’s harder than ever to be seen above the constant noise of 50% off deals, and to offer such discounts when our margins are tight anyway is just impossible. There is a real push all year, but particularly now, to shop small more – we know not everything can be bought from independents but if you can swap a few gifts out it makes a real difference to real people.

Even if you aren’t buying from a small business you follow then share their posts, someone you know might be looking, or someone might take the hint and buy the gift for you!

Please keep reading as we share some of our favourite small businesses along with links to shop with them, all of which have fabulous Christmas gifts on offer. There are so many out small businesses out there, this is a tiny selection – please give them a follow and show them some love! Even better, buy a gift from them…

We’re going to let the colour do the talking so the images are the main event here, if you like the look of something the links are below the images – happy browsing!

You can’t beat a make your own kit, and Hearth & Heritage have kits to make your own candles. AND candles that can be painted – perfect to create then gift, or pass on to be painted.
For more information:
Follow them here: @hearthandheritage

Studio One48 are the makers of these personalised delights to brighten up your tree, your wrapping and bring a smile to any face.
Find out more:
Gove them a follow: @studio_one48

Kirsty Shaw has created the perfect addition to any kids bedroom with her range of lighting solutions. Never mind gifts for the children, I want one!
See the range on Etsy:
Follow on Instagram: @kirsty_shaw_lighting

We’ve been fans of Pink Pineapple for years, they’re perfect for gifts for nieces and birthday presents that are a bit different, and maybe get you a bit of peace and quiet (what more could you want for Christmas!)
Shop the range here:
Give them a follow: @pinkpineappleengland

Retro lunch boxes definitely take me back, these cute holdalls from Spotty n Stripy are available in a range of designs, and they’d be great for way more than sandwiches!
See all the designs here:
Follow them on Instagram: @spottynstripy

Pops & Dudes have us covered for the younger members of the family, these personalised teething toys and dummy clips are a gorgeous gift.
Visit the website:
Check out their Instagram: @pops_and_dudes

Perfect as a family gift, a treat to brighten up your home, or a personalised present, Melanie Porter has a stunning range of colourful light rings.
See them all:
Follow on Instagram: @melanie_porter_design

We have a lot of love for Hello Ruth, her origami gifts and cards are simply beautiful, and unique. It’s too late to share her photo advent calendars and Advent book but please check them out:
Follow for more ideas: @helloruthuk

We love Louise Brainwood‘s cushions, interiors and prints – the perfect treat for you maybe?
See her store on Not on the High Street:
Follow here:

If you could smell this entry… Chalk & Cheese is a husband and wife team making delightful scents, perfect as gifts or for your own home. You just have to decide which scents to choose, good luck!
Shop the range:
Find out more: @chalkandcheesecandlesandmelts

The most gorgeous papercuts for frames and cards from Pogofandango (and the best biz name ever!)
See more here:
Follow here: @pogofandango

Sophia and the Fox are the creators of a fabulous range of personalised slogan clothing for all the family. Matching family pjs? The next Christmas jumper – we’ve got them all already!
See more:
Follow on Instagram: @sophiaandthefox

Treating yourself, buying for a loved one you can’t go wrong with jewellery… Junk Jewels have a range you just need to see:
Give them a follow: @junkjewels

We couldn’t not share these gorgeous leather personalised purses from Tori Lo, the tiny ones are perfect to add to a keyring and hold a trolley coin or secret love note – so cute!
Visit the website:
Follow on Instagram: @Tori.lo.designs

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