Danni – Mama Tribe

Danni - Mama Tribe

Today we meet Danni, the founder of Mama Tribe; a national community, supporting and promoting Women in Business. She hosts two directories promoting retail businesses and business services. The service also provides a blog and boasts a scout team – all there to support Women in Business and through Motherhood. 

As a member of Mama Tribe myself I can really recommend checking them out – I’ve met loads of lovely ladies going through the same things as me – whether its in business or motherhood. I also had a fab night out in London earlier in the year celebrating Mama Tribe’s first birthday – so I know Danni enjoys a party, what about a date…


Hi Danni, thanks for joining us, tell us about your first date?

For our first date, Jay arranged to pick me up after work.

I assumed we’d be going on the tube or by taxi somewhere. Instead he arrived on his motorbike!

Luckily I was wearing jeans, but he’d been out and bought me a helmet, which was the perfect fit! I was really nervous, I’d never been on a motorbike before. 

He took me for a night time tour of the sights of London, through Piccadilly Circus, past Buckingham Palace and along the Thames. Then we ended up on Fulham road, where he’d booked us a table for dinner. That was 19 years ago, I was literally whisked off my feet! 


When was your last date? 

We haven’t had a ‘date night’ as such. We were lucky to have a week away child free in July though. It was our friends wedding in Menorca and coincided with our 12th wedding anniversary, so we made it a holiday for the two of us and enjoyed lots of time together chilling by the pool and meals out. 


What about the best date?

Our best date was for our 10th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Soho Hotel which is gorgeous and we had dinner at the top of the Shard. The views were amazing!  


And, the worst date you’ve ever been on? 

When I was in college this lad took me on a date to the cinema. He asked what I’d like to watch and I said I didn’t mind! Unfortunately I let him go ahead and choose and he bought us tickets for a Mortal Combat movie or something similar! It was hideous and I was so bored!


Finally, what is your dream date?

It would have to be a date with Ryan Reynolds! I think he’s really funny and you know, quite nice to look at!!! The only problem is I’d have to invite my husband because it’s his man crush too! Haha! 


Wow, first date on a motorbike AND a week in Menorca child free – they might not get date night very often but I can tell that when they do they really make the most of it!!

You can find Danni and Mama Tribe on Instagram so please check it out! x

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