Date night at home – travel the world without leaving the house

Date night at home - travel the world without leaving the house

Who said you need to hop on a plane to explore the world? With a sprinkling of creativity, a dash of enthusiasm, and the magic of romance, you can embark on fun travel-inspired date nights without leaving the house. So for everyone yearning to travel the world but missing the budget this blog post is for you!

In a world where we’re often searching for the next big thing, it’s comforting to know that the most cherished moments can happen right in our living rooms. Let’s get packing!

Round the world inspired date nights are all about creating the right ambience, setting the mood – basically making the surroundings feel like you aren’t just in your dining room! Our themed Round The World date box can provide the inspiration for your journey with 12 or 24 country based cards you can explore places you could only dream about – don’t blame us if you end us booking a holiday though!

Create a playlist that remind you of that holiday to the Greek Islands, or that you would hear in an Italian restaurant. From the sultry tones of Spanish guitar to the serene notes of Japanese Koto, let music be the wind beneath your adventure’s wings.

Scent has the power to instantly transport us to faraway lands, and bring back memories. Light candles or incense sticks that mimic the fragrances of different regions—think sandalwood for an Indian touch or lavender for a French countryside vibe.

Our Round the World themed date cards each suggest an activity that is traditional of the country that can help create a unique night. This might include crafting origami, learning a national dance, or even trying your hand at a foreign language through a quick online lesson – but you can choose your own itinerary, it’s your ‘holiday’ after all.

Date night at home - travel the world without leaving the house
Romantic love heart shaped pizza dinner and giving gifts

Instead of focusing on specific dishes from particular countries, delve deep into the essence of cuisines. Think Mediterranean flavours with olives, cheeses, and wine, or the comforting warmth of a Southeast Asian curry. The key is to incorporate the spirit of the cuisine rather than stick to strict recipes, the cards suggest a meal that is well known in that country, but use your own experiences and taste buds to make the night your own.

Also, remember drinks! Craft cocktails or mocktails that capture the essence of a region. A Mojito can immediately evoke the vibrant streets of Havana, while a simple Matcha tea could lead you to create your very own Japanese tea ceremony.

If dressing up is your thing then why not embrace the country and look the part. While you need not go for full-on costumes, donning attire reminiscent of a specific region can add an extra layer of authenticity. It could be as simple as wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a kimono-inspired robe, or even just accessorising with beads or jewellery associated with a particular culture. Don’t fancy going that far? That’s fine, you could dress your home – we’ve seen full on French bistros in peoples homes!

While the world is vast and filled with places to explore, sometimes the most profound discoveries are found in the moments we create at home. A travel-inspired date night is not just about replicating experiences from different cultures; it’s about weaving a unique tapestry of memories, experiences, and shared moments with your partner.

Unbox the world, together

Eager to embark on this enchanting journey but unsure where to start? Let our Round the World date box be your guide, choose from 12 or 24 countries, all are sealed in coloured envelopes so you won’t know where you’re going until you choose a card.

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