Date nights with a twist… a chasse, fox trot and twirl or two!

Date nights with a twist... a chasse, fox trot and twirl or two!

We’re all about dating differently here, as you know, we try our hardest to make time for each other to try new things together… it’s how our business came about after all. Yet with a young child and 3 businesses it isn’t always easy to put into practice.

So when an opportunity came up to spend time together AND raise money for charity, we jumped at the chance! Ok so Kate signed up first and dragged John into it later but still… here we are! Childfree time – every week – chance to learn something new – together – and raise money for an amazing cause.

We’ve signed up for Strictly Learn to Dance – a four-month dancing challenge to raise money for Bolton Hospice, a local cause close to our hearts.

One of the ideas in our dating boxes is to take a dance lesson together, so we thought it was time we took our own advice. We’re being taught how to foxtrot, quickstep and salsa in weekly classes led by expert teachers from A Touch of Class dance studios close to where we live. Dancing is completely out of our comfort zones, but we’re giving it our all and- really- quite fancy ourselves as the John(ny) and Baby…

Kate loves watching Strictly on TV (John tolerates it, or leaves the room!) and now we get to experience some of the glitz and excitement in real life. It isn’t all glitz and glamour though, Kate has two left feet – and doesn’t know which is which, plus John can forget it’s for fun and take it far too seriously at times (*must not get competitive, must not get competitive*). But really it is about escaping day to day life, having something new to talk about and spending quality time together – something we all so easily put to the bottom of the pile.

But this isn’t just about us, we love that it’s doing so much good for others too. Raising money for Bolton Hospice for one, a cause close to our family’s heart as its where his grandma was looked after with such care and compassion. Being able to give something back is amazing.

While visiting the hospice to sign up for the dancing we really got a taste of how hard everyone there works. So we also agreed to donated 50 Self Care Collections to the staff. To make it fair to everyone names of all 100+ staff were added into a draw and fifty names pulled out. We hope that the gifts encourage staff to find a little time throughout the year to look after themselves, as well as the others they care for everyday.

Kathryn Willett, the Corporate and Community Fundraiser at Bolton Hospice, said that the team at the hospice were thrilled to receive the boxes as they were the perfect pick me up after what has been a very challenging two years for everyone.

That, right there, is why we do want we do. A Year of Dates is about so much more than dates; it’s about thoughtful gifting to make people smile and remember the important things in life.

This challenge is all about gifting too… gifting ourselves time together, as raising as much as we can for such an important charity. We’re pledging to raise at least £500 each in sponsorship – we’re coming up with ideas of how best we can do that (we’ll keep you posted on that) and anyone can donate to our JustGiving page.

And this is all gearing up for the 2nd April when we’ll compete against 19 other couples in front of a live audience at the Bolton Whites Hotel (eeeeek). We’ll dance 4 routines choreographed by A Touch of Class dance studios, this will include a social foxtrot, quickstep, Salsa and a group number!

Despite the nerves, our competitive side will be in full flow no doubt, spurred on by the incredible support from our family, friends and our suppliers too. Phoebe is so excited to see us dance, and we can’t wait to make her proud (or to embarrass her, only time will tell).

Whichever way it goes it’s going to be great fun, it’s raising money for a fantastic charity and is something we’ll both remember for years to come. Making memories, one quick step at a time.

To sponsor us please visit and to find out more about the challenge head to

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