Ideas for date night at home

Ideas for date night at home

 We love getting dressed up and going out from time to time, but – with a busy 6 year old and juggling multiple businesses – it isn’t always practical. To us it’s about making an intention to spend quality time together despite all the plates we spin, which includes at home too. It’s how A Year of Dates came about after all! 

Dating needn’t mean going out, sometimes it’s nice to stay at home instead. Take away the task of getting a babysitter, navigating the weather, waiting for pay day – or you might have become so used to not going out these last 2 years – and staying in is a much easier option.

Our date cards are not about going out on dates, they are about making time to date, wherever that may be. Plus we we want you to interpret the cards to suit you so even the outdoors can be brought in. Who needs to go see a sunset when you can watch one on YouTube?? Ok so we are definitely joking with this one, but you can see where we’re going. 

It’s about getting creative and trying something new, two things we often forget to do with such busy lives. You could even get a little competitive seeing who can create the best date at home ideas (pretty sure John would win this one in our house). 

We’ve put together a few ideas for you to try or to give you inspiration; they’re all readily available and cost effective… you could make a list of what you need for any dates you decide to do and then you just need to make the time… 

 Dining Out at home – Why not hand write or print your very own menu- what could the name of your restaurant be? Perhaps an eating establishment you enjoy going to, a destination you both love, or a play on your name. You could even make a sign to go the extra mile! 

Light a few candles, pin up fairy lights, select your music and your restaurant is good to go. All you need now is to cook, order takeaway to pass it as your own or hire your very own chef! You could choose a theme and match the décor, music & food… We love Gousto in our house (not an ad!), it’s really made a difference to our cooking and shopping habits and it is so easy, definite winner for date night!

Home Cinema – This one is probably the easiest home date of all… Lights down, popcorn and snacks ready, movie on aaaand ACTION! The toughest part will be deciding who gets to choose what to watch – we suggest you flip a coin; heads you choose the movie and the snacks!

Cocktail (or mocktail) making class – This date takes a little preparation yet is so much fun! You could research existing cocktails or go rogue and create your own, using ingredients you have at home or buying new items especially. Try to recreate your favourite holiday drink, or one from your favourite bar and spend time reminiscing on that crazy night out you shared. Warning: Maybe don’t try too many on a school night…

Spa at home- Time to dig out all the toiletries you’re gifted for Christmas yet never seem to get round to using… yes this date doubles up as self-care as well as spending quality time together. Think candles, relaxing music, facemasks and a nice hot shower or bath… who gets the tap end is up to you! 

Garden bistro or beer garden- Dreaming of warmer days and lighter nights? They’re coming! If you have a garden or balcony then a little outdoor furniture or a few cushions is all you need. Next is deciding whether to dine outdoors or simply enjoy a few cold drinks. You could play a little background music and add lights to your space to create even more ambience. This date is perfect if you have children too… getting out of the house whilst staying at home! 

Life drawing: Choose to dress in clothes or a well-positioned cloth, or as nature intended… this date is definitely suited to home! (Maybe close the curtains!) All you need is paper, a pen or pencil (or paints if wanting to go all out) and away you go. 

Coffee house: The perfect day time date. Whether flicking on the kettle, going fancy with a cafetiere, using your own tea or coffee, or buying something more special… this is about spending intentional time together whilst doing something you do every day, without distractions. Add pastries or cakes as an extra treat. 

Dancing: Did you read last month’s blog all about our Strictly style dance challenge? We’ve been doing so much practise that we’ve had to make space to dance at home, lots of styles don’t need much space – find some salsa videos on YouTube and shake those hips! Guaranteed you’ll have a laugh even if you don’t have the Strictly team knocking at your door! Sequins and dancing shoes optional! 

Games night: Oh yes, now we’re talking! Choose your favourite games, grab the snacks, and let the competitiveness commence. This one could go either way, try not to sulk if you lose!

As long as you are together, laughing, smiling and making memories date night at home can be anything you want!!! Many of these ideas feature in our date boxes, designed to pick out at random or plan in advance, with blank cards to add your own.

We would love to see your home date set-ups… find us on Facebook or Instagram and show us your dates at home, the more creative the better (just no bungies around the light fittings to create Cirque De Soleil). 

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