Emma Cottam – Isabella and Us.

Emma Cottam - Isabella and Us.

Welcome back, and thank you to Emma from Isabella and Us. At just 27 this busy lady has a lot of plates spinning – she is a speaker, writer, designer and creator. This is as well as running her gift business and now publishing a Zine all focused on promoting positivity in parents. The first edition of Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums was released last week and has all but sold out in a matter of days… Amazing stuff!

She lives with in Lancashire with husband of 3 years Chris, two fur babies – Pippin and Luna – and 9 month baby girl called Isabella.

So with all this going on – what about a date night?


Hi Emma, lets get started – tell us about your first date? 

I don’t think me and my husband actually had a first date. We met at the age of 16, just before we started our GCSE’s and starting going out that summer. The first time we met properly (guess it could be classed as a date) and we went to the cinema with a group of friends.

We didn’t get to sit together! And he brought a box of celebrations but didn’t share!


When was your last date?

Our last date as a couple was lunch out together to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary in July! Just a couple of hours Isabella free to talk and chill! It was lovely!

What about the best date?

The best date was when we went to Chester Zoo to celebrate being together for six years! It was a lovely day and when we got home he proposed!

And, the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Oh gosh! I think the worst date was a guy a friend set me up with when I was about 14! He really liked me and asked me out (we’d only met once) and I was not so keen and had to let him down gently. Needless to say it got pretty awkward after that!

Finally, what is your dream date?

I would love to be whisked away for a romantic weekend to Paris and a trip to Disneyland with my lovely husband! Hopefully he’ll read this and surprise me!


I hope he is reading this, being whisked away sounds perfect – we can always send him the link…
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