Emma – Little Hotdog Watson

Emma - Little Hotdog Watson

A huge welcome to Emma owner of Little Hotdog Watson – brilliant, intelligent childrenswear brand specialising in super cool hats and accessories for kids; we’re a big fan in this house! Emma is mum to H and has been married to Tom for over 6 years. This busy mum has just come back from taking her brand to trade shows around Europe so we’re really grateful to her for sharing her stories with us, thanks Emma 🙂

Emma - Little Hotdog WatsonTell us about your first date?
My first date with my husband is hard to remember. We met, sat across from each other at work. Our early dates were much more hanging around with a larger groups of friends and co-workers in Soho. Somewhere between Cafe Rouge, Soho House & Wardour Street and drinking copious amounts of rose wine we fell in love. The first meal we went out for I definitely remember – my hubbie is a real foodie, and will travel for it. He invited me out for a meal and we walked about 20 minutes from Vauxhall station in the pouring rain to find a local Portuguese family restaurant. The food was good but I was fairly bedraggled when I arrived!

When was your last date?
Now we have a daughter and we both run our own businesses time on our own for date nights is pretty limited. We are trying to make more time to do this. Our last date was fairly low key with a spot of dinner at a new Spanish eatery, and cocktails.

What about the best date?
I love dates with spontaneity and going with whatever is happening in the moment. One of our favourite date nights started with a quiet meal and ended up at private party for a well known DJ. We just followed the music. I have a real knack of finding secret parties, it’s a well known trait amongst my friends.

And, the worst date you’ve ever been on?
Hands down the worst was a date at university. Great date, laughs, drinks, a swim in the sea and then he offered to drive me home and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t get in the car with a drunk person. Even though it’d been a great date that’s just a massive no for me.

Finally, what is your dream date?
Dream date if we’re talking celebrity it’s got to be either Sean Connery or Idris Elba for company (obviously if Hubbie’s not available 😉 True treats these days are having time to myself to get ready…I would like to have a pamper day and then they can come pick me up in a limo and we can head to the Oscars so I can wear a gorgeous gown. After the party, we’d head down to the beach for cocktails and watch the world go by. Simple really 😉  If we’re talking real world (things that are possible) I would love to go back to New York with hubbie and just meander, hopping between bars, eats and sightseeing. No plan just going with the flow and seeing where the day takes us.

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