When a date card leads to ‘I do’

When a date card leads to 'I do'

We like to get to know our customers, we love it when you share what you get up to on the dates and seeing the adventures you get up to. Some daters ask us for advice through our social media profiles, some ask much more important questions…

Pictured are Jenna and Josh – they are proud owners of a box of dates and we had been following their journey for a while when one day we were tagged in a post that made us really smile.

When a date card leads to 'I do'
Mr and Mrs Wilding

Using one of the blank cards Jenna had written ‘take a trip down memory lane’ and when it was pulled from the box they visited Cardiff Castle where they went on an early date.

While there Josh saw his opportunity and got down on one knee!

When a date card leads to 'I do'

Fast forward to August 2019 and the happy couple were back at their special place saying I do! We are so honoured to have been part of their story and wish them a date filled future together x

** If you have a story you’d like to share where our date cards have played a role of any sort then please get in touch via our contact form.

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