Get outdoors

Get outdoors

We’ve been inside so long now that the great outdoors is going to feel soooo great when we get it back! I think a lot of us have a new found respect for our local area and hopefully long walks, exploring new places and enjoying the countryside are going to be higher up our agenda (once the novelty of the shops wears off again!)

Dates don’t only happen at night, well not anymore!!! As the days get longer, and the weather warmer there are so many date options literally on your doorstep! Why not try some of these ideas to add some excitement to spring and keep the romance alive.  

Take a train trip
Twelve moths ago we wouldn’t have thought anything of jumping on a train for a day out, a lot of us would’ve been on one everyday for work. Now see it as an adventure! Maybe get off at a station you normally glance at on your commute and explore. Get on the train and go to the end of the line; is that the coast, a neighbouring city filled with spaces to wander or the hills you can see from your window?

Pack a picnic, remember it’s the UK and prepare for any weather, and see where you end up.

What’s that I hear you cry? You will have walked past countless geocaches and never known! A bit like a treasure hunt geocaches are hidden in all environments and you use GPS co-ordinates to find them. When you get to your location it’s time to search – if you’re a competitive couple this is great to see who can find the most – you’re looking for a small container, it could be under something with a magnet, under a rock, look high and low! The point of this is to find what’s inside, leave your mark to say you’ve been there and put it back for someone else.

As a date it’s giving you topics for conversation, laughs when one of you falls down a slope trying to find the geocache and takes you to new places, that could have been under your nose all along.

It can get addictive, we know couples who now plan their holidays around geocaching. If you are in or around Dartmoor in Devon you can also try letterboxing – many a childhood holiday involved finding Tupperware under rocks, AND you can also find them in pubs! You can find out more here.

Watch the sunset
A personal family favourite of ours. So easy to do and always different! Even if the sky isn’t clear there are beautiful scenes to be watched. Find a spot with a clear view – coast, hilltop, country park – as long as it faces west! – and get comfortable.

You will want to photograph it, you absolutely should, but make sure you just watch store it to memory as well as your phone. Talk to each other, it’s a great time to make plans, to look at what you’ve achieved.

If you want to up the game sunrise is great time of day too…

Disclaimer: I never thought we’d be adding disclaimers about getting outdoors (#covid) but please follow the current government advice about travel and exercise before going on any adventures!

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