How do you buy thoughtful gifts for the people you love?

How do you buy thoughtful gifts for the people you love?

No matter how much we spend, which shop we buy our gifts from and how big the gift is, we all want our gifts to be meaningful. But what does this really mean?

Well, I’m sure we can all agree that we want our gifts to ignite some emotion in those we are presenting our gift to; whether it is a nostalgic smile or a tear of emotion, we hope that our gift can do more than what is says on the box. But finding a meaningful gift can be difficult even when we have known that person for years.

How do you buy thoughtful gifts for the people you love?

With the average household in the UK spending £500 a year on presents, it is important that that money isn’t going to waste and that the gifts we are giving hold meaning. So, what can we do to make sure that our next gifts are more meaningful, for both the receiver of those gifts and the giver?

Knowing the person can be a blessing and a burden

Obviously buying gifts is easier for those we know rather than those we don’t. But the trick is buying a gift that shows that person that you do actually know them. And not just a little bit, that you know them well.

Each time we buy a gift we are trying to think of ways of tailoring that gift to the person who will be receiving it. We do this through thinking about their hobbies and interests, and trying to think of which gifts a person will desire more than how they will actually use it.

This is the common problem of buying gifts that we would like to give, rather than gifts that the recipient would actually like to receive. Always make sure you are thinking of them when you buy, rather than creating a situation in your head that looks pleasing to yourself.

Gift giving – whether it is for a birthday, anniversary or just to remind your BFF that you care – is the best way to show that person that you had them in mind when selecting their present, that you truly saw it and thought of them.

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