How to do date night right during lockdown

How to do date night right during lockdown

Lockdown sure is getting everyone down at this point. Bars and restaurants have been closed for over a month, meaning that date nights have probably been placed on hold for the foreseeable future as we are all stuck at home.

But lockdown doesn’t mean we have to pause romance. With a little inspiration and a little creativity, whether you have been apart during lockdown or locked up together twenty-four hours a day, you can still throw a romantic lockdown date night.

Home cinema

You don’t need to have a home straight out of MTV cribs to create your own home cinema experience. If you have the space, and the weather, you can even get creative and set up an outdoor cinema. You can set up a projector even if you don’t have a screen; simply use a wall or you can even hang a white bed sheet as a makeshift cinema screen.

If you don’t have a projector, simply set up your laptop or TV somewhere new; either in a makeshift den, or pushed up against the window so you can watch it form outside. With some simple deck chairs, beanbags, blankets, sofa cushions or even some duvets you can make a comfortable outside cinema where you can both enjoy a date night movie of your choice – and you can even pause it when you need to top up the popcorn bowl!

An extra dinner date

We usually mix up those nights sat in front of the TV eating our dinner with a nice trip to a restaurant, but with everything closed for the forseeable now, we need to put a little extra effort into breaking that cycle.

Bring the restaurant to your home by setting up the dinner table with candles, flowers and dimming the lights down low. Have the table booked for a certain time so y have time to get dressed up for the occasion. Ave some bubbly on ice ready and you’ll be surprised how much the setting can elevate a simple home cooked meal.

A lot of restaurants are delivering at this time so you can even have your favourite restaurant food brought directly to you. This way nobody has to spend time in the kitchen and you can both spend the night having some much needed one-on-one time, replacing the TV with some background music.

Cooking Class

Interactive cooking classes have seen a boom recently for couples who like to get a little more interactive on their date nights. You can recreate a cooking experience at home very easily; simply find yourself a recipe you both want to try but have never made before, either off the internet or using one of those cookbooks that have been taking up space on your shelves. There are plenty of famous chefs hosting cooking tutorials through social media that you can also get involved with.

Send each other some gifts through the post

This is a great idea if you are having to spend lockdown apart, but also works if you live together as a little gift through the post is sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Even a little gift can let someone know you are thinking about them and gifts can be sent easily from your smartphone so you barely have to move a muscle.

Don’t let the lockdown get in the way of you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a gift for you or someone special that you can have delivered directly to their door if you are having to spend lockdown apart, we are here to help!

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