Join the dating revolution: make a date box part of your everyday

Join the dating revolution: make a date box part of your everyday

With National Dating Day just around the corner on Tuesday 12th September, it’s time to embrace a dating revolution that will revitalise your relationship and make dating an integral part of your everyday life.

To celebrate National Dating Day we sent a survey out to our customers and received nearly 250 responses from our fabulous date box users, with 80% of the participants stating that they own and use the weekly date prompts. It’s been heartwarming to read all the comments and see how this romantic gift has become a catalyst for something much deeper.

Are you looking to reignite the spark in your relationship?
Over two-thirds of respondents, a remarkable 68%, have confirmed that their date box has significantly improved their relationship. And even for those who were unsure of the impact, 24% still recognised the positive influence it brought.

A Year of Dates is not just another decorative item for your shelf. The allure extends far beyond aesthetics, with 51% of customers using it more than once a month. So, if you’re seeking an experience enhancer that will keep the excitement alive, our date box is the perfect partner.

But what sets our weekly date box apart from other romantic gestures? It’s simple – it brings new and refreshing ideas to your relationship, all while taking the burden of decision making off your shoulders. Creativity and romance go hand in hand, and with our date cards you’ll find yourself swept away in a world of delightful surprises.

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that spending more quality time with your partner is truly priceless, and will make your relationship stronger. A heartwarming 50% of respondents revealed that their date box gave them this incredible gift. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, we take great delight in helping you prioritise each other and create cherished memories.

Join the dating revolution: make a date box part of your everyday
Dating doesn’t have to mean leaving the house!

So, as we prepare to celebrate National Dating Day, we invite you to join the dating revolution! Make dating an integral part of your everyday life, nurturing your connection with your partner and savouring the excitement that comes with each new date. And A Year of Dates can be the key to rekindling the flame in your relationship and bringing back the magic of romance.

Don’t miss out on this transformative experience that countless couples have already embraced. Make dating a cherished part of your everyday life and see how our date can weave new threads of love and affection into the fabric of your relationship.

Bur don’t just believe us, here is what some of our happy couples had to say:

Bought for my girlfriend at Christmas. Both of us have been pushed outside our comfort zones which has been amazing. I went Salsa dance lessons which was an experience. Amazing idea. Love the box, I got it personalised for her as well, the quality and the attention detail of it all is well worth it. Thank you so much

Using the box of dates enables us to ensure we take time to be a couple and spend some quality time together. It’s such good fun taking turns to pick an envelope and plan the date together, interpreting it the way we want to. I have already suggested the box of dates to many of our friends.

We love our date box. Dating isn’t just something you do at the start of a relationship, or at least it shouldn’t be, something we found out the hard way, but almost 8 years in and now engaged to be married – with just the rest of forever to go – we’re so over the moon that we’ve added dating each other back into our life together. It’s so easy to let life take over. For everything to become so mundane. Our date box has really helped us make time to just escape life and enjoy each other’s company, just like we used to. Thanks!

So what are you waiting for? Join the dating revolution today and embrace a lifetime of love and happiness!

Join the dating revolution: make a date box part of your everyday
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