La Salsa Date Night

Finally a date!

We managed to go out and have dinner on Friday without me being sick, crying or falling asleep – an achievement!

I did however fail as I didn’t take a single picture…

I thought I was going to be sick the amount we ate but it was all good!

As previously explained La Salsa is a special place to us, it was one of our first dates, it’s seen us celebrate friend’s birthdays and even weddings! And this time we celebrate me being awake past 8pm!

I even had a glass of rose*

We started in the wrong order, as ever – we ordered bread! This was accompanied by potata bravas and other filling stooge, when will we learn!? After 3 rounds we were flagging but determined to manage a few more (to get out moneys worth). As it is all you can eat when a dish is forgotten you generally just order it next time, but on the last round when John’s lasagne was replaced by chorizo he was pretty grateful they missed it!

Whoever manages dessert in there deserves a medal or their picture on a wall of fame…

* glasses of wine shown in previous posts have actually been Appetiser in a champagne flute to make me feel better!

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