Magical Reindeer food

On Christmas Eve night, as Father Christmas is visiting each house to deliver presents to all the children all over the world, his reindeer helpers will need a quick snack to boost their energy & keep them happy on the busiest night of the year. What’s great about this simple recipe is that you can adapt to whatever you can find in your cupboards.

Something you can do together as a family, much more creative than the traditional carrot. Use the recipe below to leave a wildlife friendly snack outdoors in a bowl on Christmas Eve before bed.

Reindeer Food Recipe

Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cooking Time: 30-40 Minutes Servings: 3

75g Porridge oats 25g Golden caster sugar 1 Tbsp Maple syrup 2 Tbsp Cooking oil 1/4 Tsp Cinnamon 1/4 Tsp Mixed Spice 1/4 Tsp Ground ginger 25g Seeds (Sunflower/Pumpkin) 25g Dried fruit (sultanas, apricots, cranberries) 25g Sweets/sprinkles/glitter- cupcake decorations sprinkles are perfect for this (Note: these mean it isn’t wildlife friendly)

Step 1 Heat oven to 140C/ 120C Fan/ Gas Mark 1. Put all ingredients (except dried fruit & sweets/sprinkles/glitter) in a large bowl. Mix together in bowl.

Magical Reindeer food

Step 2 Spread everything from the bowl onto a baking tray in an even layer.
Put in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

Magical Reindeer food

Step 3 Remove mixture from the oven & leave to cool. When cool break into small chunks and stir in dried fruit & sweets/sprinkles/glitter.

Magical Reindeer food

Step 4 Pop the mixture into tupperware/zip lock bag for storage.

Free reindeer food printable poem

Reindeer food is also fun to pass out to friends to share the magic. Please feel free to download and print it out.

All you need to do then is cut it out & attach it to the top of a ziplock bag. Super easy & inexpensive way to spread some Christmas cheer.

Magical Reindeer food
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