Memorable birthdays on a budget

Memorable birthdays on a budget

We love all celebrations and milestones here at A Year of Dates… but none more so than celebrating the day a friend or loved one was born! A chance to spend time together and/ or to let them know how much you appreciate them, or to say you’re still there no matter how busy life gets. Plus, there’s the (unofficial) rule that you get to eat cake guilt free on birthdays too – even for breakfast – what’s not to love?

Yes, birthdays are definitely worth making plans for- especially after two years of not really being able to celebrate them as we wanted to with the pandemic. However, some might still prefer a more low-key celebrations to also fit in with budget or lifestyle

Time is the key to birthdays. we all have plenty of ‘things’ so why not gift your loved one your time. It doesn’t have to cost a lot either, after all it is the thought that counts! We’ve come up with some ideas to help you make birthdays special, without breaking the bank

Pack a picnic – Fill a hamper (or carrier bag) with their favourite foods, snacks, drinks and treats and find somewhere to enjoy the view. What a treat for anyones birthday, it shows thoughtfulness, time and that you know them to pick all their favourite treats. You don’t have to let the weather dictate your plans either, if Mother Nature decides it’s going to snow in June a cosy indoor picnic is just as perfect!

Quiz night – We all have that friend, or family member, who loves to win, so play to this and make them a quiz. Maybe make the questions about them for an extra special angle, or get all the party guests to write a round each. Friends based all over the place? Get them together online for a surprise (how very 2020!).

Pamper party– And relax! Get the girls (or guys) round. stock up on face masks, nibbles and fizz and turn down the lights – add some chilled out music and your front room can easily become a relaxing haven! If you’re feeling like a bigger treat is needed then check in for a day or night away and don’t worry about tidying up afterwards!

Mate date– It’s time to step away from WhatsApp and make that all important in person time for each other instead. We all have the best of intentions of seeing our friends or family more often, yet life far too easily gets in the way, this is the perfect time to make those intentions happen. If you, like us, always say ‘we should do this more often’ then our Dates with my Best Mate can help with the ideas, and it makes the perfect gift too.

Games night- You can’t have a birthday without games, we’re all big kids at heart so organise some party games or crack open the board games instead! This is perfect if childcare is an issue as you can get the kids involved too. Whoever’s birthday it is gets to choose which games they want to play, maybe they get a gift when they win, or their present could be the centre of pass the parcel… Just make sure the music stops on them!

In need of more inspiration?

Or want to give a gift that keeps on giving all year then our range of birthday boxes cover all ages.

There’s no need to wait to a milestone age to start making memories – lets make every birthday special.

Memorable birthdays on a budget
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