Mates Dates: How to show your best friend you care


Here at A Year of Dates, we want to place emphasis on the importance of platonic relationships as well as romantic ones. After all, the friends that we surround ourselves with can have a big impact on the way that we navigate the world and may often be the closest thing that some people have to a family. With this said, it can be difficult to show your best friend how much they really mean to you in the busy 21st century and that is why we have decided to put together a few top tips. Read on to find out more…

Stay in Contact

It is safe to say that it can be a struggle to find a work-life balance in 2020, particularly for those that have chosen to enter a shift-based working environment. Luckily, staying in contact with friends doesn’t have to involve a weekly face-to-face catch up as simply sending a quick text message here and there can make all the difference. After all, everybody has their own daily struggles to deal and so the least amount of pressure coupled together with the maximum effort is the most effective way to prevent close friends gradually becoming strangers.


Whether they happen once a fortnight or once a month, it can still be beneficial for friends to meet in person for a catch-up every now and then. From a restaurant-based meal for two to a fancy cocktail bar, the location doesn’t matter as long as the friendship is prioritised. After all, we often emphasise the importance of maintaining romantic relationships, however platonic ones are just as important too. By making an effort to catch up in person, it ensures that close friends don’t become complacent in their busy lives and start to neglect their friendship.

Personalised Gifts

As we get older, finding the perfect gift for a friend can be troublesome. After all, there are only so many bottles of wine that a person can accept! Luckily, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom as personalised gifts are the perfect way to show a best friend how much they really mean to you. Plus, many people are often touched by the thought that the size or price of the gift is irrelevant, and from keyrings to photo frames, there are dozens of different ways to personalise a gift for a friend!

When day-to-day responsibilities start to build up, we often sacrifice the relationship we have with our closest friends in order to stay afloat. Luckily, the best friendships are those that can pick up where they left off, even if weeks pass before a catch-up is possible. Our Dates with My Best Mate activities box are the perfect excuse to stay in contact with friends and they help reduce the pressure of agreeing on a pastime by providing 10 surprise adventures to do together. Find out more information about our range of friendship gifts, here.

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