Max & Paddy AKA Digital Bon Bons

Max & Paddy AKA Digital Bon Bons

It’s back! Celebrating dating makes a long overdue return today, and to kick us off we’ve been talking to Maxine…

Maxine lives in Kent with hubby Paddy (“yep we know, Max & Paddy ha ha, we don’t mind”), daughter Ava, two cats and a snake. Max and Paddy (I love this so much!) have been together 15 years and married for 6 this year.

Maxine is also know as Digital Bon Bons – a digital marketing consultancy for parent/family focused business which she set up 2 years ago and is going from strength to strength, and Paddy is a photographer. She love films, being by the beach and on holiday, reading, sketching and vintage. They both love retro and interesting things so their house is full of niknaks, it also contains a date jar – so lets see how romantic these two are:

Hi Maxine, lets just get straight in – tell us about your first date?

So our first date was my university Summer Ball. I was 20 and Paddy was 19. We had met working at the local Gala Bingo and I plucked up the courage to ask him to the ball. We had a great night, dancing, laughing with friends and that was the start of it all. 

When was your last date? 

Oh my goodness so does a trip to the cinema count? Because if we do have a night without our daughter we are more than likely catching a latest release as we like to stay on top of all the films coming out. If it doesn’t then I would probably say our last date was in May for our 15 year anniversary, we went to Mildreds, a lovely vegan restaurant and did crazy golf at Swingers. 

We had a day of fun in London which is what we used to do every year when
we first got to together, but as time goes on etc it’s been neglected a bit.


What about the best date?

I’m not sure if its a date because it was for my 30th birthday but it was the most incredible day. Paddy had arranged a trip on the sky rails near the O2, then we went for dinner. We got picked up in a vintage mint green cadillac which drove us around London and then to the Globe to see A MidSummer Night’s Dream – my favourite Shakespeare play.

It’s hard to remember dates now, as it’s been quite a while and I can’t remember if we did “do” dates when we were 19 and 20, again I bet trips to the cinema and dinner.

And, the worst date you’ve ever been on? 

When I was at school I went to cinema with a boy – the date you do when young ha ha and we went to see Mars Attacks – god awful film and the date was okay but a bit awkward and I just wanted to go home really.

Finally, what is your dream date? 

What a question!! Dream Date…..oh lordy, I have a few crushes on my list. Okay I will pick a celebrity crush for this (sorry Paddy) – I’m going to say Chris Pratt, the actor from Guardians and The Galaxy films. He is so funny, he does magic. I think we would have such a fun time. 

My dream date in terms of activity would be: hiring a vintage car, driving to Brighton, look around the markets and antique shops, then going for dinner and a stroll along the pier at night time.

Then going back to the amazing B&B we are staying at, relaxing in a hot tub with
toasted marshmallows and then a fab good old English breakfast.


Thank you Maxine – some great date ideas here, and how romantic is hiring a cadillac to drive to the Globe – well done Paddy, serious date day/birthday brownie points!

You can catch up with Maxine on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest x

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