Meaningful friendship gifts

Meaningful friendship gifts

We always want to show our friends how much they mean to us, but when it comes to buying presents, sometimes knowing somebody too well can make it harder than buying gifts for someone we barely know.

We like to think we know our best friends inside and out. Sometimes we think we know them better than they know themselves. We know all their likes, and their dislikes, we know all about their hobbies, because they never stop talking about them. We know what they do in their spare time, because most of the time we are spending it with them.

Sometimes having too much choice means making a decision on one gift all the more difficult. What do you buy a good friend that is going to be meaningful and not just end up in the back of a cupboard?

Our unique friendship gifts could be the perfect option for your BFFs:

Dates With My Best Mate

What could be a better gift to give your best friend than a whole lot more of yourself? Setting aside quality time to spend with your best mates can be harder as we get older, but with our unique personalised gift box, containing 10 fun surprise activities, you and your friends can make time for each other and create memories to last a lifetime. There’s two blank cards as well – so you can add something you know you’d love to do together.

Meaningful friendship gifts

Our ‘Dates With my Best Mate’ box contains individual activities that you and your friend can do one-on-one if you want some quality time, or as a group if you want to get the whole squad involved.

You can choose from a black or Kraft (brown) box, select your favourite text colour and font and you can even add a personalised message to the box for that added personal touch.

Self Care Gift Box, Just For You

Show your friend you truly care for them by helping them take care of themselves and their mental health with our self-care gift box.

Our letter-box sized ‘Juat For You: Self Care Gift Box’ contains 12 surprise self care activities plus 12 blank cards to help develop more activities in the future. Each card contains unique activities to help improve wellness, meditate the mind and feel more at peace and teach your friends how to spend some quality time on themselves.

Meaningful friendship gifts

Our unique boxes make the perfect present for your friends and even make great gifts for couples. You can see all our gift collections right here.

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