National Dating Day – 14th August

National Dating Day - 14th August


It is our mission to inspire couples to start dating again in order to reignite the spark in their relationship, and we’re kick starting this on August 14th when we celebrate the very first National Dating Day.

We recently conducted a YouGov survey* to find out what the UK think about dating and it highlighted some really interesting statistics. So let’s address some of the comments the survey raised and get more people enjoying fun and romance again.

I’m married – I don’t consider going out with my husband a ‘date’”
“You date prior to marriage not after 44 years”

These were answers given in our survey when we asked what you would consider to be a date night… Dates are how you get to know someone, dates are the fun exciting early part of a relationship – so if that relationship works out, why would you stop?

Yes, life gets busy and that initial excitement to see your partner can be lost when you move in together, or start a family. But dating is what brought you together and it is what keeps that sparkle alive.

Relationship expert Dipti Tait adds; “life is better and feels easier when there are two of you in sync with each other. A good relationship is solid – a fundamental foundation to navigate the stresses and strains of life. When we are prioritised and acknowledged by our significant other – this is not just a morale boost – it is a huge comfort to know that someone else has our back. This is a very reassuring thing to have in our lives.

We all have emotional as well as physical needs in a relationship, and when we spend regular quality time with our partner, we will always be able to voice concerns when they arise and sort things out properly. There is a lovely growth and beautiful evolving energy that occurs in time with all good relationships and incorporating regular dates keeps the fizz bubbling and the sparkle buzzing, and what couple wouldn’t want that?”

We can’t get a babysitter

Yes having kids means priorities change, and this has an effect on your relationship but as long as you make the effort to make time for each other the balance can be restored.

And we never said you have to leave the house to date! Carve out some time, agree in advance then plan something fun to do together. It could be buying in a cake and sitting chatting while enjoying it once the kids are in bed. Getting the ingredients for your favourite cocktails and making them together, you could put some music on and have a dance. The anticipation is part of the fun, so have something to look forward to, the more often the better.

Our survey shows a huge drop in recent date night when there are kids in the house, which is understandable, but this when you need a date night more than ever! Our survey shows 1 in 3 of the couples with no children living at home had been on a date in the last month. Compared to 1 in 10 who had children living at home. But 8% of people of people in a relationship with no children in the home also hadn’t been on a date for over a year. They have no excuse!


My partner isn’t romantic

26% of couples surveyed also stated that neither they or their partner are romantic. The same percent also said one of the partnership was romantic, but the other wasn’t. That’s 52% who are missing out.
Date night doesn’t have to be big gestures, if your other half isn’t up for candles and soft lighting then playing a video game together. If you hate sunset walks or being wined and dined, then get a takeaway and watch a movie.
Date night must work for you both and doesn’t have to be the Instagram perfect occasions we see on social media, it’s more important to laugh, hug and make memories.

The pre-conception (not helped by social media) that dates need to be extravagant, dressed up, expensive nights out isn’t true. Our date boxes contain more than 20 ideas for date nights that can be done at home, in your pj’s after work. From doing a jigsaw to star gazing, baking together to watching a movie, it isn’t rocket science. But what we do is help you make the decision, give you the spark of an idea to add some sparkle back into your relationship.

Dipti adds; “Making sure that fun and playfulness exists in the relationship, through the introduction of dating will bring back the honeymoon period for sure. You will feel a fabulous positive chemical brain boost when you introduce dating back into your relationship.

The idea of a great date gets us in a playful and loving state. Our system will enjoy mood enhancing bursts of serotonin and oxytocin – the ‘being in love’ chemical cocktail, that makes us feel so good. Added to that, we get a dopamine boost, the reward chemical that helps us feel successful and confident.

This powerful blend of positive neurochemistry will enhance and improve the couple’s communication through fun and playfulness. This helps us humans to feel loved, accepted, wanted and safe and this keeps us calm and peaceful beings.”

So there are no excuses – lets date more, lets make memories. We want to see as many couples as we can, enjoying time together on the 14th August. National Dating Day is 6 months after Valentine’s Day, the weather is much better – so a picnic or day out are easier to achieve. So be creative, be adventurous, be savvy – but most of all be together.

*All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2029 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 24th – 25th May 2022. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

National Dating Day - 14th August
National Dating Day - 14th August
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