Nicky Raby

Nicky Raby

This week we’re delighted to be joined by Nicky Raby.

As an actor, coach, writer, speaker and podcaster Nicky is a woman of many talents – I’m a huge fan of her Dreaming and Doing podcast which is often the soundtrack to my day, so I was delighted when she spoke to me about dating. I was also honoured to be interviewed by Nicky – check out Episode 68 (and all her other episodes!)… 

Coaching wise she work with personal brands, freelancers, small businesses and creatives to help them do more of what they love and less of what they don’t. Nicky work with her clients 1:1 and offers online courses; giving support on pricing, pitching, getting started, passive income, presence and packaging and lots more. 

But does she have time for romance? Nicky lives in London with her partner of 11 years and three year old son, lets find out… 

Thanks for joining us Nicky – so, tell us about your first date?

The first time I met Matt was during a play reading at The Young Vic. We had a mutual friend Hannah who was a director who invited us to come along and read a scene from ‘Closer’. Matt was an hour late and I was quickly thinking ‘Who is this guy?!’ – fortunately his time keeping has improved since. I describe this first meeting as our first date as we ended up staying out until about 2am, long after Hannah had gone home. Apparently I fell asleep on him in the bar… I’m not so sure… or perhaps I did… just for a little minute 🙂

Needless to say, if I did, I clearly felt comfortable and
I have continued my love of sporadic naps. 

When was your last date? 

We haven’t had one for a while just the two of us (But we are working on this as it is our 11 year anniversary soon) but have recently been to a great 40th and a brilliant wedding and danced with the abandonment of binge drinking teens. 

What about the best date?

Matt took me to the Sky Bar for my birthday a couple of years ago. It was a beautifully clear night and we had drinks and a delicious dinner. Plus it was a surprise so it felt extra special. It was one of my first nights out after having a baby so it was lovely to reconnect, relax and have a proper conversation. As freelancers, we don’t have a predictable schedule but when we are at home together, we always make sure we sit down every night and chat and eat. We also get fairly addicted to Masterchef. 

And, the worst date you’ve ever been on? 

Some of the worst dates were ones I didn’t end up going on… flaky, twerpy boys who stood me up. I also once went on a date with a very rich man; the date was extremely luxurious but I did feel like he was trying sooo hard and he couldn’t relax. 

Finally, what is your dream date?

I would love a spa break in a gorgeous country house hotel; great sheets, a big tub, excellent grub and oodles of wine. We had a baby moon to the Body Holiday in St Lucia when I was pregnant and it was the ultimate self care. I couldn’t drink so I made a commitment to eat all the things which worked perfectly as I had just stopped throwing up for 21 hours of the day. 

Thanks Nicky – you can find out more about the services Nicky offers on her website and please make sure you follow her on Instagram and Twitter where she regularly announces her latest guest.

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