Picnic shopping & a celebratory meal

Picnic shopping & a celebratory meal

Today John got some good news, so a celebratory dinner was called for. Two dates in a week 🙂

Being ever practical and sensible (!) we first Sainsbury’s for picnic supplies for our date the next day. This turned out to be be a talking point as after examining the packets of ham we felt uninspired so went to the deli counter and asked the nice lady for 4 slices of the carvery ham. We then got distracted with other tasty treats and when we looked over she was hacking off the thickest slices ever! As the price was weight related we stopped her at 3 slices and she informed us the cost was a little over £6…

This date year is going to get expensive!!

We got over the shock by continuing on for dinner and a quick trip to the casino (a guilty pleasure!) where thankfully John won enough to cover the ham!!


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