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Things to Do

There are plenty of gifts out there that show people how much they mean to us, show our affection for them, our appreciation for them, but very few gifts give us the one thing we all crave – and that’s something to do!

Our unique gift boxes truly are the gift that keeps on giving. You can find plenty of things to keep your friends and family busy in our ‘Things To Do’ collection. And we believe everyone deserves a great gift that will keep them busy for the rest of the year.


Spending quality time with our loved ones is the best way of creating new, lasting memories. But unfortunately, as we get older we forget the importance of planning things we can do with the whole family. That’s why we put together our unique ‘Things To Do’ gift boxes, including our ‘Thirty Things to do When You Are Over 30’, ‘Forty Things to do when you are 40’, ‘Fifty things to do before you turn 50’ and the ‘Sixty things to do when you are over 60’ gift ideas, and many, many more.


Each box contains thoughtful surprise activities for anyone to enjoy throughout the year. Each card within the gift box contains individual activities that get the whole family involved, or that can be done as a couple or small group, to create new memories and help keep your loved ones busy until their next special milestone.


We even have a special ‘Things to do after lockdown’ gift box to help everyone get back to a more active routine once we are out of this unusual situation. Nobody wants to come out of the other side of lockdown and not have anything to get them out of the house and spending time with the ones they love.

Our ‘Things To Do’ collection are all letter-boxed size ensuring they can be delivered directly to your loved ones’ door.


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