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Our wedding collection offers fun and unique personalised gifts for both guests and the special couple; Date boxes, guest books, memory boxes, favours and more.

A wedding anniversary is a great achievement and we believe that romance should always be celebrated the right way – with memorable gifts that help create even more memories.
Whether you are looking for a gift for a newly married couple or those who are lucky enough to be celebrating spending plenty of years in matrimony, here you can find personalised gifts that will show them that you are thinking of them on their special day.
We have gifts to celebrate every step of the journey we call marriage; from our ‘Engagement Edition’ box packed with surprise activities to help them keep the romance in full swing and avoid the stresses of planning their big day, to our ‘Wedding Edition’ gift box, helping newlyweds make the best of their first year of marriage, all the way through to our milestone 25th, 30th, 40th and even 50th Wedding Anniversary boxes.
All our Wedding gift boxes are filled with fun, surprise date activities to help couples remember to spend quality time together and to help them create memories that they will treasure forever. Dating should never be a chore, and no married couple should fall into the trap of leading a hum drum life together; even if they’re married for forty years, it is important to spend quality time together to help remind themselves that life is more exciting when they are living it together.
We even have a surprise ‘Wedding Guest Box’ to replace the traditional wedding guest book where all your guests can submit their own date ideas for you to pick out and try throughout your marriage.
All of our gift boxes can be personalised and are letter-box sized – so they fit perfectly through the letter box! This way you can send your own unique Wedding Gift Box to those you love around the world.

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