Remember the first time…

Remember the first time...

First dates – it’s something we all have to do – some many times! – and most of us have cringey memories as well as those more fondly remembered. Whether it’s for the right or wrong reasons they’re something that stay in our memories. We asked and you happily shared your first date stories with us, from the cringey but memorable to the downright romantic! 

With the news that cinemas face closure and the arts sector remains in a state of limbo it got us wondering where the first dates of the future might take place? The cinema was that ‘safe’ option where you sat in the dark and didn’t speak for several hours, as long as you could agree on the film to watch you usually then had a conversation for afterwards… Or an excuse to make a quick getaway if it wasn’t something mutually enjoyed! 

There’s still opportunity for embarrassment though: 

“He dropped a packet of open Malteasers from right up at the back of the cinema right in the middle, they bounced all the way down every single step, and we were the last ones in!!” 

Remember the first time...

Lots of couple meet online these days, us included, so the first date when you’ve been exchanging messages for some time can be less awkward as you have topics of conversation already. And it seems we’re not the only ones who took part in some internet dating… 

“Our first date was at a garden centre for a drink. We then went to a pub for lunch. Things were going so well that the date lasted all day and we went back to his house to carry on talking.”

While these days we all seem to meet online, and there’s a whole post worth of stories about Tinder dates! It seems ‘back in the day’ things even a casual drink isn’t always a ‘safe bet’ either… 

“20 years ago went to our local pub on our first date and they had a topless barmaid! We still go there now… and it’s NEVER happened again since! 

How about the very first date you went on? I think this sums up how moat teenage girls feel about their first date:

“Ok my very very first date (I am cringing as I write) was with a greasy Greek DJ when I was 18. I was soooo naive. He took me to a snooker club??! I mean like I should have known straight away by that fact ALONE.
My parents didn’t know as I wasn’t allowed to go out with boys. He made me buy my own drink (I know!!!) but in my head I had planned our life together before our date… you know he would be a world famous DJ and I would stay at home, raise our kids and make moussaka…. Anyways it was my first and worst date EVER! I wore my velvet green 90s skirt suit with matching choker and EVERYTHING. I never saw him again thank God.”

Taken from our Celebrating Dating series – Olga, AKA Big Fat Greek Mother

Others went all out to make sure they made a good impression! 

“For our first date, Jay arranged to pick me up after work. I assumed we’d be going on the tube or by taxi somewhere. Instead he arrived on his motorbike! Luckily I was wearing jeans, but he’d been out and bought me a helmet, which was the perfect fit! I was really nervous, I’d never been on a motorbike before. 
He took me for a night time tour of the sights of London, through Piccadilly Circus, past Buckingham Palace and along the Thames. Then we ended up on Fulham road, where he’d booked us a table for dinner. That was 19 years ago, I was literally whisked off my feet!”

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