Sophie – Mama Buba Bump

Sophie - Mama Buba Bump

I met the lovely Sophie when I was down in London earlier this year – you know when you just click with someone! Maybe it’s our shared love of chocolate, gin, tea and if I remember correctly wine!

As mum to 1 year old Eliza and wife to Pete. Sophie took the unfortunate timing of being made redundant from her corporate job to create the kind of life she really wanted – so during pregnancy and Eliza’s first year she started helping other mums during pregnancy and in the first year after having a baby. She launched her social media channels and website in December 2017 under the name Mama Buba Bump and has been beavering away in the background for about 6 months to develop the Baby Bubble Hub; a membership for new mum’s which gives them access to experts and other mums at the same stage for support and information. It’s been pretty full on so what about dating? 


So Sophie, I know you and Pete have been together along time –  tell us about your first date? 

I’ve been with my husband for so long that my first ‘proper’ date, and my first date with my husband are actually the same thing! It was in the days before mobile phones were used much (which makes me sound ancient – I’m only 32!) and I was meant to meet him at 6pm at a mid way point between our houses. I however, am always running late.

On that day I managed to be running 15 minutes late and he almost went home because he thought I’d stood him up! Luckily he waited for me (and has been ever since!), we went to the cinema, although neither of us can remember what we saw so it can’t have been memorable, and then got a quick dinner afterwards (likely to have been Pizza Hut which now sounds hilarious!).

Food and films have been a big passion for us both (me more food, him more films!) throughout our relationship so it definitely set the scene for years to come.


When was your last date? 

It was my birthday at the end of July and we were really lucky that my mum and dad offered to have Eliza overnight so we could enjoy a proper date night. We were actually so tired from a recent sleep regression (and teething!) that we didn’t end up having a big night, we had a few glasses of wine at home before going out to a local restaurant and having an amazing meal… whilst still being in bed for 10pm! It actually was perfect for what we needed.

What about the best date?

We have had so many amazing dates it’s hard to pick one. For our first Valentines day Pete booked us a surprise trip to Paris for the weekend which was incredible. The hotel was just off the Champs Elysees and they recommended a restaurant a few streets away which did the best steak I think I’ve ever had.

That said, I’m also equally as happy with big G&T, yummy food, a film and loads of chocolate on a Friday night at home (plus blankets, winter is my favourite!)


And, the worst date you’ve ever been on? 

Our worst dates by far are always ones where we haven’t decided where to go to eat! We used to try and be spontaneous and just go to a new city/town and decide where to eat when we got there…neither of us are very nice if we’re hungry and we’re both big foodies so if we have to wait or worse yet, can’t decide where to go or what food we fancy… it’s always a disaster! So we’ve now given in to our over organising tendencies and just plan ahead!!


Finally, what is your dream date?

My dream date would involve time for a nap beforehand, having a relaxing bath and taking my time getting ready and doing my make up. It would definitely involve food, cocktails and going somewhere I could wear a dress and heels (so rare these days!) and if my lovely husband wasn’t available, Chris Hemsworth would be very welcome to join me!

Thank you Sophie – dates to Paris and nights away… Pete is giving all husbands something to live up to!
You can find Mama Buba Bump on Instagram and Facebook x

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