Susannah – One:Retreat

Susannah - One:Retreat

Introduce yourself:
Hi! I’m Susannah and I run couple retreats – weekends from my home in Devon and days from a gorgeous venue in London. I share my life and my thoughts around relationships on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as One:Retreat. My website is

Susannah - One:Retreat

Tell us about your first date?
My very first date was when I was 13. I was asked to meet him after school and I knew it would mean a kiss. I spent the days leading up to it practising the technique on the back of my friend Natasha’s hand. She assured me it was meant to feel just like the real thing. The reality was that, on the date, I stood a little way into the girls changing room and talked to him from the safe knowledge that he wouldn’t ‘break the rules’ and enter. We ended up having 3 minutes of a painfully awkward (and distant) conversation, which was broken by me jumping out of the changing room to kiss him v quickly on the lips and then dive back in for cover. Realising that was as good as it was going to get, he made his exit.

When was your last date?
Last week – we went out for brunch to a place we both love, followed by a short walk on the beach. It was baking hot, so we didn’t last very long!

What about the best date?
In general, for me the best dates are those spent at home! It is rare these days (with a teenager and a pre-teen) that we get an evening to ourselves, so when we do, it is golden. The best nights are spent with a film, a gin and tonic, an array of snacks and a roaring fire. Winter nights, sharing the sofa and snuggling up, is where I am happiest.

And, the worst date you’ve ever been on?
I was a student nurse at the time and was asked out by an attractive medical student with long blond hair. I’d never dated anyone with long hair so thought I’d give it a go. He came over to where I lived and took me out for dinner. He asked if he could ‘come back’. I knew at this point that there was zero chemistry but felt awkward after him buying me dinner. I expected one coffee then I’d get him in a taxi. From 5 minutes after arriving, due to too much alcohol consumption, he started throwing up in my sink. I spent half the night holding his hair back as this continued over and over again. The next day I had an early shift so left at 6am. When I returned there was a love poem 3 pages long left on my pillow. Needless to say, I didn’t see him again.

Finally, what is your dream date?
Have you seen the box set of ‘Prison Break’? My dream date would be floating off on a boat with Wentworth Miller into the sunset. Providing him with a lifetime of therapy from all the Prisons he has had to break out from, and of course lots of affirming physical touch so he feels secure.

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