The beauty of lifelong friendships

The beauty of lifelong friendships

Making new friends as an adult feels a lot more complicated than it was as a child, and this is why the majority of long-lasting friendships often began during our formative years. After all, children are very inquisitive and tend to talk to anybody and everybody. With this said, a stranger really is just a friend you haven’t met yet and we should always welcome new friendships whenever the opportunity arises.

All things considered, there really is something special about those friendships that seem to have survived through the thick and thin. Does a certain someone come to your mind? Well, you are one of the lucky few with a friendship to shout from the rooftops about! After all, friendships that span across several decades have a rich history filled with laughter, love, and memories that really will last a lifetime. These friends will have been there for you during the darkest moments in your life and are always just a phone call away; this is why we believe that friendship is merely a platonic relationship that deserves to be nurtured just as much as a romantic relationship. You wouldn’t neglect your partner so why should your friends be treated any differently?

In fact, we make friends at many different moments in our lives, yet they all manage to make such a big impact, and work friendships are just as important as those friends that you have stuck with since secondary school. In fact, scientists have discovered that friendship actually has a positive impact on our mental health and that surrounding ourselves with likeminded people can reduce depression and make us happier.

Put simply, lifelong friendships are able to withstand the test of time because you often share common interests and bounce off one another with such ease that there was never any awkward tension to break, especially as children. From holidays to nights out on the town, you create memories with your friends every moment that you are together.

It is very easy to nurture your friendships and remind your friends just how much they mean to you. You could get together for a slap-up meal with cocktails on a regular basis and take care of the bill or simply pick up the phone for a good old-fashioned natter! After all, friendship gifts come in a variety of different forms.

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