The Big Fat Greek Mother

The Big Fat Greek Mother

If you are on Instagram you HAVE to be following the amazing Olga, AKA The Big Fat Greek Mother! She is a teacher and mum of 3 boys who creates character comedy about parenting and life in general – just to make us smile! How amazing is that. I am such a fan, John is often confused as to why I am snorting at my phone as I watch her stories… So I was delighted when Olga (not in character!) shared her dates with us – I love this so much!!

Olga, thank you so much for this – I have a feeling it is going to be good… Can you tell us about your first date?

Ok my very very first date (I am cringing as I write) was with a greasy Greek DJ when I was 18. I was soooo naive. He took me to a snooker club??! I mean like I should have known straight away by that fact ALONE.

My parents didn’t know as I wasn’t allowed to go out with boys. He made me buy my own drink (I know!!!) but in my head I had planned our life together before our date… you know he would be a world famous DJ and I would stay at home and raise our kids Androulla and Stavros and make moussaka…. Anyways it was my first and worst date EVER! Coz he followed me into the loo and tried to touch me up. Swine. I wore my velvet green 90s skirt suit with matching choker and EVERYTHING. I never saw him again thank God.

When was your last date? 

With my husband Paul. We don’t have much money or babysitters but we made a date to sit under the apple tree at the bottom of our garden with a bottle of wine one evening a few weeks ago. We told the boys to stay indoors/not to speak to us/only approach if one of them was bleeding!!!! I love a verse in the Bible that says better is soup and bread with someone you love than fine steak with someone you hate.

Being romantic has nothing to do with money but everything to do with the heart. 

What about the best date?

The best date EVER EVER EVER. Was with my husband Paul. It was the night we got together. We were both working in Lebanon as Missionary workers in a school out there. We were friends but both secretly loved each other A LOT. I had gone over to Cyprus to visit family one Easter and he offered to meet me at the airport in Beirut when I flew back.

When I saw him he brought me a red rose said he had to talk to me urgently. He took me to a little manoushi bar near the school and told me he loved me. I told him “about time” and that I loved him too.
We admitted to each other that we were the one for each other that night under the Beirut starry night sky. I will never forget it.

3 weeks after that we were engaged. 3 months later we were married. 15 years later, 3 boys down there have been storms, heartbreaks and drought that have hit us over the years, but he is the absolute love of my life.

That is too romantic, I almost can’t ask you the next question… the worst date you’ve ever been on? 

Well the first one was pretty horrendous no? But other awful dates I fearfully recall are eating once with a guy who dribbled a lot with food in his mouth when he spoke to me. Also I cringe at a fellow actor who took me out to dinner when I was at Drama school; he was a good looking guy but ruined it for me when he told me I could have whatever I wanted off the menu as long as it was under £8.99. 

Classy… Finally, what is your dream date? 

Oh my word Channing Tatum I ready for you anytime anyplace anywhere! Where would I go on my dream date with Channy boy you ask? Why I would usher him along to Mecca Bingo of course! Eyes down though grannies coz the boy is mine!!!!!!!

I love that you’d take Channing (first name terms!) to bingo… Where else would you go?!! Thank you so much for sharing, they have to be some of the best dating stories ever, while being so real and romantic at the same time! You can find The Big Fat Greek Mother on YouTube too – please give her a follow x
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