The ingredients for a magical Christmas

The ingredients for a magical Christmas

Soft lights, cosy nights, all the food… Christmas isn’t just magic for children it tends to make even the least romantic soften around the edges (it could be as it’s also the only day drinking at breakfast is legit!).

We know Christmas is the time when romance re-surfaces – how many babies do you know born at the end of September?! December is a stressful month and reaching that plateau of having all the presents wrapped and the food prepared means everyone relaxes and enjoys the rewards of their hard work.

As much as the kids are all about presents and getting ready for Father Christmas to visit there are so many things we can do to make magical memories for all the family, regardless of what is going on outside the house.

This is why we created our Christmas Table box – to give families of all ages something to enable the magic ingredients you need to remember Christmas 2020 for all the right reasons!

Replacing crackers with our box means the surprises are plentiful. The individual bags contain items for all the senses – scented candles from Sandwick Bay Candles and alcoholic drinks stirrers from Holly’s Lollies in a variety of tasty flavours for the adults; seeds for the garden from Something Pretty Plants and chocolates for the kids.
All sourced from small businesses that we’ve met along our journey – please click on their links above to find out more.

We’re providing this through much loved cracker jokes – you’ll find these on the A4 sheets in each bag and the Crazy Tower game. A game of skill and patience – think Jenga on a wobbly surface. For all ages this will be something you want to win – and it can be done, Sarah in the office is the current champion.

The personalised box contains all the bags but once you’ve used it on your Christmas Table then you can keep the origami you make, pictures you colour and anything else safe until next year.

Then you can look back over the contents with a smile and remember that (parts of) 2020 wasn’t all bad…

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