The person that has everything: How to buy them the perfect gift?

A Year of Dates

We’ve all found ourselves in the position of panic buying a book for someone who hasn’t read since they left school; gifting someone nice clothes that are two sizes too small, even purchasing family members gifts we think they’ll love only for them to be demoted to the back of the cupboard for the rest of time.

We know that buying presents is a tricky business. Of course we could simply ask people what they want, but this is always met with the same, very British answer, “oh, I don’t mind really”.

The person that has everything: How to buy them the perfect gift?
“oh, I don’t mind really”

We’re here to pull you away from the DVD bargain bin as you scrabble through hoping that a title jumps out at you, desperately trying to remember if they have the same taste in trashy films as you do. Here we share our top tips for deciding on the perfect gift for that special person, because with the right approach, you will find that there is an ideal gift out there for everyone:

Take Notes

Whether consciously or subconsciously, if you pay attention you will notice that people drop plenty of clues to the perfect present in the build up to Birthdays, Mothers/Fathers day and especially around Christmas time.

You can even make notes of peoples’ hobbies and interests. Once you know a few of their basic interests it is much easier to brainstorm two or three ideas for each. Even if someone is a die-hard hobbyist, chances are there are still gadgets out there that they don’t have that they would love to receive as a present.

Nostalgia is a powerful gift

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone who isn’t really that interested in material items or you are just struggling to find something, you should never underestimate the power of nostalgia.

Look to that person’s past for gift inspiration; you can help them relive their childhood with a gift they would have loved to receive as a kid, you could even get them a collection of their favourite childhood sweets – nothing brings back happy memories than the aromas and tastes from childhood.

You don’t even have to go back that far, you could frame a picture that they love, or even have their university degree framed if they have recently graduated. You could create a print of their favourite pet or even find a movie poster they loved and have one framed for a more modern aesthetic.

Do a little digging

Social media is a useful tool for finding presents for people. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will give you a real insight into a person’s hobbies and interests; some people even share their Pinterest pages, which are a smorgasbord of potential gift ideas.

Gifts for couples

Joint birthday presents aren’t just a way of saving you some money, they can also open windows to more gift options. You may not be able to decide on what to get each person separately, and it is often easier to think of gifts they could both use. If someone’s recently moved into a new home then household and kitchen gadgets make great gifts for couples, as do experiences and even food hampers they can share together.

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