Tips for buying the perfect gift

Tips for buying the perfect gift

There are few situations in life more awkward than buying someone an unwanted gift. We’ve all handed a friend or loved one a gift we thought they’d adore… only to witness the crushing disappointment on their face when they realise you’ve bought them something they hate.

While picking gifts for some people you know might be a doddle, for others it’s going to be a little trickier. Whether it’s for that friend who seems to have everything, or you want to treat someone you’ve just met to something nice, often it can be difficult to know exactly what to buy.

To save you from the embarrassment of buying something they can’t stand and to ensure you receive maximum brownie points, here are our top tips for buying the perfect gift.

Make a list of what they like

If you’ve just met someone this may require a little digging. Try to remember the things they’ve spoken passionately about or any hobbies they may have. Once you’ve thought of 5 or more things they’re fond of, you should have a good idea what gifts they’d like.

Help them learn

If there’s something they keep talking about doing but they’re forever procrastinating, help them along by buying them a course. If they dream of being an international DJ or they aspire to become a guitarist in a band, buying them vouchers for tuition would be a thoughtful and potentially life-changing gift. Besides, if they become a millionaire they definitely owe you one!

Stay away from fashion or scented gifts until you know them well

So, you’ve just met someone and determined to show how much you like them you think it’d be a great idea to buy them an item or clothing or some perfume/aftershave. Think again, as this one’s got disaster written all over it!

Unless you know exactly what they’re into, buying such a subjective gift means there’s a decent chance you’ll hand over something they’re not keen on. Instead, wait until you know their style or taste and opt for something a little more “safe”.

Buy them an experience

When it seems like someone has all the material possessions in the world, treat them to a day out doing something they love instead. Rather than buying them a bottle of expensive wine, why not take them to a vineyard on a wine-tasting tour? If you’re tired of buying them chocolate, purchase tickets for a tour of a chocolate factory instead.

The options are endless, so find the ideal experience and treat them to a day out they’ll never forget.

Go down the romance route

If you’re purchasing a gift for a partner or a romantic interest, then wooing them is a sure-fire route to success. You could opt meal at a top-notch restaurant with stunning views, while a spa break with pamper treatments is also a guaranteed hit with most. Regardless of what you choose, adding an element of romance to the equation is never a bad thing.

To find the perfect gifts for couples, take a look at our thoughtful selection and treat that special someone to something they’ll love.

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