Wedding anniversary gifts they’ll remember

Wedding anniversary gifts they'll remember

Wedding anniversaries are huge milestones, whether they signify another year of wedded bliss, or just another year survived they’re something to celebrate. If, like me, you have a partner who just buys the perfect present every time and leaves your present buying skills looking poor then we’ve created a list of possible wedding anniversary gifts to remember.

The best anniversary gifts are thoughtful and tailored to your partner’s interests, preferences, and the stage of your relationship (that is no excuse for buying a new washing line or household appliance though!). Here are some ideas for memorable anniversary gifts:

1. Personalised gifts:
Custom-made gifts show thoughtfulness and effort, such as photo books or custom artwork to remind you of a special place or memory. You can of course personalise a date box as well!

2. Experience gifts:
Create memories by planning a special trip, cooking class, spa day, or other unique experience that you can share together.

3. Traditional gifts:
Follow traditional anniversary gift themes (e.g., paper for the 1st anniversary, cotton for the 2nd, leather for the 3rd, etc.) and get creative with your interpretations. Check out this blog post for ideas and the meanings behind the key years.

4. Subscription services:
Any gift that keeps giving is a good thing! A recurring subscription service tailored to their interests, such as books, wine, gourmet food or even dates…

5. DIY gifts:
Handmade gifts can be especially meaningful, like a scrapbook, a love letter, or a custom playlist of your favourite songs together. A reminder of those early days of your relationship is always going to raise a smile.

6. A romantic evening:
Plan a surprise date night, a home-cooked meal (or favourite take away), candlelight, and a romantic movie or playlist will set the scene – and there is no need for a babysitter.

7. Hobbies and interests:
Choose a gift that aligns with your partner’s hobbies, such as art supplies, sports equipment, or a gardening kit. After however many years of marriage knowing what makes them tick is a clear advantage in the gift giving stakes.

8. Time:
Sometimes, the best gift is simply spending quality time together. Plan a weekend getaway or a special day dedicated to doing things you both enjoy.

Remember, the most important aspect of any wedding anniversary gift is the thought and care that goes into selecting it. The best gifts come from the heart and celebrate your love, commitment, and shared memories.


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