Week 15

I’m on a roll, this weeks date involves more eating!

Dinner at La Salsa in Horwich

This might sound very specific but Las Salsa is one of our favourite haunts, not only is it just down the road from our apartment but once you’ve experienced all you can eat tapas there is no going back! Portions might have shrunk, but you just order more!! I think our record is 5 orders, of 3 or 4 dishes a time… Walking /staggering/rolling home is necessary if you want to move ever again!

It was one of the first places we had a dinner date (I did wonder where he was taking me!) and we’ve ben there with friends, for birthdays, with parents and when friends from Cornwall surprised me to told us they’d got married! But there are two locations, owned by different brothers (I believe) very similar – and still all you can eat! – but once we’d visited the Horwich branch we preferred it, the portions were a bit bigger (they did shrink over the years in the Bolton one). So the specific nature of this date is important.

And, we’ve not actually been for 18 months, I know this as we went to celebrate me quitting a job and the restaurant is about 100m from the office, so I walked out the door for the last time, got home, got back in the car (not knowing where we were going)… and drove back almost to the office!

That is a long time to go without tapas in my life!

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