Why do we celebrate wedding anniversaries


Every year over 200,000 couples make a lifelong commitment to one another through the vows of marriage. In fact, you may know someone who has recently tied the knot yourself! The honeymoon period that follows a wedding is filled with excitement, new experiences, and laughter as you both remember why you love one another all over again. In fact, these same emotions are revived each year on the anniversary of the big day as happy couples across the world go the extra mile to show their partner how much they mean to them.

But why do we celebrate wedding anniversaries and what are the true symbolisms behind them?

Interestingly, celebrating your wedding anniversary is a tradition that we have adopted from Middle-Age Germany when husbands would present their wives with silver wreaths after 25 years and golden wreaths after 50 years. Nowadays, we tend to see anniversaries as a celebration of love and commitment and looking back on the happy memories that were created on your wedding day is the perfect way to grow as a couple.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, and you can choose to throw a lavish party or keep things small and personal. What really matters is spending time with your significant other and creating new memories that you can both look back on for many years to come. After all, your first wedding anniversary is just as important as certain milestones like the 40th, often referred to as the Ruby anniversary, and the 60th, widely known as the Diamond anniversary.

In fact, a relationship is never complete without a little bit of romance and your anniversary is the perfect excuse to find that hopeless romantic lurking inside! You could take a trip to the theatre, get dressed up and visit a brand-new restaurant, or keep things nice and simple by watching the sunset. Of course, preparation is key and there is nothing more romantic than taking care of the nitty gritty planning details, such as organising reliable childcare, for your partner.

Put simply, a wedding anniversary is a single day out of the year dedicated to your relationship that provides the perfect environment for love, harmony and good fortune to flourish. In fact, spending time with your partner on such an important day not only rekindles the romance and reminds you of the commitment you both made towards one another, it is likely that you will create new memories that will bring you closer together as a couple.

Every wedding anniversary with your significant other deserves just as much attention as the last, especially when it comes to making memories. In fact, there is no reason why the celebrations cannot last all year round as anniversary gifts should always focus on spending time with your partner rather than splashing out on expensive trips. Check out our anniversary boxes for thoughtful ways to celebrate with your partner.

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