Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

The return to ‘normal’ is bound to have an effect on us all, whether we can’t wait to get out and meet friends, or if we’re a bit more nervous we need to remember that everyone reacts differently.

This Mental Health Awareness week is a timely reminder to be kind, and to take things at your own speed. We’ve all got into our own routines that have kept us close to home for so long, now suddenly we have classes, meetings and a social life outside of the garden.

Now, more than ever it’s time to look out for those friends who are declining invites, and not replying to messages. Those who work in frontline jobs, or roles that are suddenly under pressure such as hospitality and retail. Whatever the reason it is so important to reach out. If they don’t want to talk then a small gift will surely raise a smile and let them know you are thinking of them.

If you are an employer then being mindful of your staffs needs is more important than ever. As we return to ace to face meetings there is the opportunity to chat in person. For those still at home the chance to reach out and check they are coping with workload and their personal situation.

We have been working with a local business this Mental Health Awareness week and have created personalised Self Care Collections for the team to thank them for their hard work and remind them to make time for themselves.

By adding the recipients name and the company logo these mean much more than a voucher or supermarket bottle of wine.

CEO of the business said: “Thank you for putting so much effort into them, adding our logo to the personalisation is a lovely touch. They’re going to be a nice surprise to finish off our week, thank you for helping us our support mental health.”

We’re keen to speak to businesses on how we can help show their staff that they are important. You can find out more about our corporate gift ideas here

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